Picture of Nicholas Rempel

Nicholas Rempel

Hey there, I'm Nick.

I live in Victoria, Canada with my wife Linley and my son Nolan and my cat Merlin. I enjoy cycling, bouldering, reading, cooking, and music (not necessarily in that order). And, while it's what I spend my time on at work, I find myself programming as a hobby as well.

I'm an experienced software developer with a focus on the web and cross-platform mobile development. Right now I'm excited about Go, Rust, React, React Native, and Next but I've used many other tools and I believe in using the best one for the job. In my work I tend to focus on the creation of a product which I find has a creative element that is very satisfying.

I work for Instant Domain Search and I have many other projects on the go as well. Right now, I keep myself busy with 30 Hour Jobs and Ferries App.