Nicholas Rempel

Hi there, I’m Nick Rempel. I’m a software developer by trade with a focus on SaaS web development and mobile app development. When I’m not building software, I enjoy traveling and exploring my home – beautiful Vancouver Island. I also enjoy photography and music as a hobby. I'm also pretty active on Twitter if you want to get in touch.


I spend most of my time working as a software developer for my own company Kiln Software. There, I specialize in SaaS software implementation. Right now most of my time is spent working on the Verifiable Organizations Network project for the province of British Columbia. This project heavily utilizes the Hyperledger Indy project which is quite fascinating. If you are implementing this technology and need any guidance, feel free to reach out; I’d be happy to share some knowledge.

I also maintain a weekly email newsletter, job board, and blog for everything related to working less than 40 hours per week permanently — and making this a societal norm. It’s called 30 Hour Jobs.

I also enjoy writing – mostly about technology and the work that I do. You can also find detailed guides to working with some technologies.


You can reach me on Twitter @nbrempel or by email at I love getting email so please reach out!

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