I love creating things so I'm usually working on something on the side. This page is dedicated to those projects. I believe in sharing the work that I'm doing in the open and you can find updates on the progress here.

30 Hour Jobs

30 Hour Jobs is a job board and weekly newsletter for people who believe in shorter workweeks. This project began as a newsletter with a simple promise – to help job seekers find employers who believe in job flexibility and shorter workweeks and to help employers find great job candidates. The newsletter quickly garnered some attention which then led to a job board and blog. is a to-be-released service that you can use to make your RSS or Atom links more friendly to your users. If a person using a web-browser clicks a feed link, instead of seeing raw XML, the user will be redirected to a page explaining what feeds are and how they can use them. The page will also offer a list of popular feed readers that they can choose from. Feed readers attempting to load the feed won't be affected.