Turning 30

Today I turned 30. Many people have been carefully asking me how I feel about this transition and response is always the same: I feel great!

For some reason, some people treat growing older like some sort of death clock. Growing older means that you used up more of your precious years. We have a finite number of years to live, and 30 of them are already gone!

I, for one, find that kind of thinking depressing so I don’t do it. Instead, I’ve decided to commit to making some upgrades to my life. Here they are:

First, I plan on getting in the habit of waking up earlier. Like David Cancel always talks about on his podcast, no one is asking you out for a drink at 6am. Waking up bright and early gives you more time to control your life and improve yourself.

Second, I plan on reading more and watching less TV. I’ve been reading a bit more in the evenings and I’d also like to get in the habit of reading inspirational non-fiction in the morning. Using headphones and listening to white noise is a great way to read and not be distracted in a small household with other people doing their own routines.

Third, I plan on living a a more active lifestyle. I’ve already gotten in the habit of riding my bike to work most days. I’d like to continue riding even into the winter months. I also plan on starting a habit of running 3 times per week in the mornings and getting to the gym 3 times per week as well. Consistently.