Migrating this site to Hugo and Netlify

Up until yesterday I’d been maintaining this site by writing html and css by hand. Finally I decided that it’s time to move to a system that requires a little less work to publish an article.

After some thought and recommendations by others, I decided to set up Hugo which is a static site generator. I also wanted to use Netlify as a host which was an absolute breeze to set up. I connected my Netlify account to my GitHub account and could easily deploy updates to my site by pushing changes to my git repository. They provide free, one-click ssl and https redirects. Hugo took a bit more time to set up. Luckily, a friend of mine has some experience working with Hugo so I could take a look at his site configuration for his new blog to work from a good starting point. The Hugo documentation is good, but it’s mostly reference material.

As for writing tools, I’m still using Bear. It’s very minimal, uses markdown by default, and syncs across my devices.

My favourite part of my new set up is that I can easily publish new articles simply by creating a new markdown file in GitHub. Netlify picks up the changes automatically, builds the site, and deploys it across its CDN. Like magic!